Bait available at Genets


When it comes to feed our main concern has to be the carp & consistent good water quality. That is why we ONLY allow pellets and maize supplied by us to be used, see our lake rules The pellets are supplied by a major company in France who are a principal supplier to French fish farms. They are good growing pellets with a high protein content but not too high in oils. The carp are fed on these pellets throughout the year & recognize them as a food source.
Shelf Life boilies are not permitted. There is a bait freezer available for you to store your boilies.

  • Lake Pellets are available in 5kg buckets or a 25kg sack.
  • Prepared maize is available in 5kg buckets & should be ordered at least a week before you arrive as we need time to prepare it.
  • Lake Boilies: KRILLZ, Atlantic krill flavour, high quality fishmeal based boilies. Please order at least 3 weeks before you arrive.