Genets Carp Fishing Lake Rules

In order for everyone's carp fishing holiday at Genets lake to be as enjoyable as possible we ask that clients adhere to the following rules:

  • Please do not arrive before 1pm and depart no later than 10:00am.
  • Maximum 3 rods. Strictly Barbless or Micro-Barbed hooks only. We recommend using minimum 12lb, maximum 15lb, breaking strain line.
  • No braided mainline.
  • No OMC Magic Twig Rigs.
  • Strictly no leaders of ANY description... tubing must always be used. We have had instances of tethered fish dying because unsafe leaders have been used.
  • No bent hooks, no tether rigs, no longshank hooks. No rods to be left unattended.
  • No boats... but baitboats are allowed.
  • Please treat our fish with consideration. Good quality large weigh slings & carp cradles are provided at each swim free of charge. A good antiseptic to be used as required, i.e. Klin-ik.
  • Please organise your peg (landing net, carp-cradle, container filled with lake water, camera, weigh sling) so that you can return the fish within 5 minutes (after disinfecting hook wounds)
  • NEVER stand while holding a fish for photos. Fish must be held low over a carp cradle. Fish safety is paramount at all times!!
  • No sacking of fish at any time. Fish must not be kept in a retaining-sling, please weigh & photograph your fish & then return it to the water asap.
  • No marking of fish. Please use the supplied weigh-tripods to assist with the safe weighing of larger fish.
  • No Shelf Life (preserved) boilies. We have bait freezers to store your fresh boilies.
  • Any type of Goo product is not permitted to be used.
  • ONLY carp pellets supplied by Genets carp lake France can be used. PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN PELLETS - YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO USE THEM.
  • No nuts of any description. No Maggots. No particles, except maize which is prepared & supplied by us. Pre-prepared Hemp in sealed jars is allowed from reputable suppliers ie Dynamite, however use of hemp is limited to 5kg per angler per week. Tinned sweetcorn is allowed.
  • No rubbish to be left in the swims - please use the rubbish bins & recycling containers provided. No swimming. No pets allowed. No fires. Please respect your fellow anglers.
  • Carp cradles should always be wet before use. Never stand while holding or carrying a fish... use the weigh slings provided.
  • Please do not use the bankside as a toilet. If you do you are liable to be asked to leave immediately without compensation.
  • NEVER defecate in bin bags etc & leave in the rubbish bins, we have to take the rubbish bags away & DO NOT wish to clear away other peoples faeces bags!!!
  • Do not leave cigarette ends in or around the swims, ashtrays are provided if required.
  • Drug use is absolutely forbidden. Offenders will be asked to leave with no refunds.
  • NO heavy drinking, NO shouting or general bad behaviour.
  • Any angler not respecting the lake rules may be asked to leave immediately without compensation.


  • The mobile home is strictly no smoking.
  • Please leave the mobile home in a tidy condition when you leave.
  • Put all rubbish in a black sack & leave outside the door.
  • Make sure that all washing-up is done & put away.
  • Do not leave any unused food in the fridge or cupboards.
  • Please, no bedding, quilts or pillows, to be taken from the mobile home to use around the lake.